How To Configure A Router For A Home Network

Windows XP – operating system used on any computer device. If you regularly work with your computer, you’ll love this advanced operating system features. Did you know that Windows system offers endless possibilities? Yes, it is true! Gigabytes of user interfaces, documents, files, programs and tools that allow us this ability.

On the main PC (server) open the Control Panel -> double click Network Connections -> right-click your network connection (the one the two PC Connect) and select Properties -> Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and click “Properties” , Click and use the following IP address, Subnet Mask:, leave blank by default. Select the following DNS server addresses, but leave blank, referred by

Once you modded the network configuration in your DD-WRT router, disconnect and changed again to the router you gotten so easy your new IP address. Your new IP address must be somewhere in the network. Now, open a web browser in the direction of, which is now the default gateway to the router WRT54G DD-WRT modded.

Enable strong encryption. Use this the strongest encryption of wireless devices in your network support. This can be easily done in the Control Panel and you can use the IP to access. WEP encryption you need to change your password, say, a monthly basis. To prevent someone to crack your password always use numbers, uppercase and special characters in your passwords.

A MAC address is a unique hexadecimal number that was burned in a cycle of network devices by the manufacturer. In most cases, a peripheral MAC network is, without the use of an instruction called “ipconfig” invisible. By going to the command prompt and typing “ipconfig / all” (without the quotation marks), your computer can “Physical Address” The physical address is the MAC address to find and usually is as follows:. 00-0F -1F-D5-6A-37. Theoretically, no two MAC addresses in the world are the same.

The router function is to convert and distribute incoming signals from the modem. The transmitted signals are received by wireless devices such as the network adapter is connected to the computer via / USB Ethernet switch port.

You are now well on the Internet, check to surf your favorite sites, print documents, send and receive e-mail to share multimedia files on a folder or engagement manifest in games with your friends.

Verify son and wireless network adapter. Ask any son are securely connected to the router correctly and that the power cord is plugged into a power source. The lights on the router should appear to be and the cable / DSL modem must be switched on. Make sure also turned on the wireless network adapter ‘on. go if you have Windows, on the Device Manager and make sure that your network is turned on without a suitable wire. If you need to try a USB wireless adapter to remove and replace for Windows to re-detect.

Turn off automatic connection. Although this security measure has nothing to do with the IP, it is still worth mentioning. Your mobile device will try to connect an open wireless network. If this is done for the security is low. Verify that you have and disable them activated compounds.